Trustee applications

We're looking to appoint two elected trustees. Find out more about what we're looking for, who can apply and how to apply here.

If you've got questions about trustee elections, we hope the following Q&A will answer them. If not, feel free to drop our CEO Adeela Warley a message. 

Q: What does a charity trustee do?

A: Charity trustees are the people who serve on the governing body of a charity. They are responsible for the general control and management of the administration of a charity. Trustees have, and must accept, ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of a charity, and ensuring that it is solvent, well-run, and meeting the needs for which it has been set up. You can find out more about being a trustee from the Charity Commission.

Q: Can anyone apply to join the CharityComms board in this election process?

A: No. We are looking to appoint two people from our membership – candidates can be individual members, organisational members or work for one of our corporate partner organisations. See here for a full list of our current members or email

Q: Do I need any skills or experience to apply?

A: Ideally, applicants should have relevant experience in both comms and the charity sector so they understand the challenges and opportunities facing charity communicators and can help us shape CharityComms’ services to meet these. 

The opportunity to stand for election to the trustee board is open to all individual, 
organisational members and corporate partners of CharityComms, but we would be particularly interested to receive applications from:

  • Individuals from black, Asian and minority ethnic communities 
  • Individuals who consider themselves to have a disability
  • Individuals with experience of working in a communications agency with commercial and charity clients.

Q: Can trustees be based outside London?

A: Yes: we can provide remote access to board meetings via conference call/Skype etc, but trustees must be prepared to travel into London for occasional meetings as required (e.g. the AGM).

Q: Who else is on the board?

A: You can find out about our current trustees here.

Q: What will CharityComms offer the successful candidates?

A: CharityComms trustees are rewarded with the knowledge that they are helping us deliver our vision of ensuring that effective and inspiring communications are at the heart of every charity's work for a better world.  You’ll be working alongside highly regarded peers and can gain valuable experience in governance. The position is not paid, but reasonable expenses will be reimbursed upon request.

Q: Why are these positions available?

A: The vacancies have arisen as a result of two long-serving trustees stepping down at the end of their terms of office in 2017 (Victoria Shooter and Steve Palmer).

Q: How long does a trustee serve?

A: Trustees serve for three years, with the option to continue on the board for a further three years. They may, of course, resign from their position at any time during their period of service should the need arise.

Q: What additional information is available?

A: CharityComms’ mission, vision and goals are all on our website, along with our latest annual review. In addition, candidates may request a copy of CharityComms’ articles of association: if you would like to be sent these, have any other queries regarding the role and responsibilities of being a trustee, or the election process, please email Adeela Warley at or call the CharityComms office on 020 7426 8877.

Q: Who can I contact if I have further questions?

A: Contact CEO Adeela Warley at or call 0207 426 8863. You may also contact John Grounds, CharityComms’ chair on

Q: What’s the deadline for standing?

Please email with your application no later than 5pm on Friday 14 July.