Charity FAQs

Charities' frequently asked questions

1. What is AskCharity?

AskCharity is a free service that helps charities and not-for-profit organisations to connect with the media. Journalists, programme makers and other media professionals use it to send out requests for stories and case study direct to charities. It's also an online contacts book which lists charities' details including their key media contacts.

We have thousands of journalists on our database and they’re asking for stories on everything from someone whose cancer treatment has been delayed to someone looking after animals during lockdown. We’ve seen recent requests on scientific developments, home-schooling and domestic abuse survivors. The stories charities are telling right now are more important than ever and we’re here to connect you and share your work on the frontline of Covid-19 and elsewhere.

2. Who runs AskCharity?

AskCharity is operated by CharityComms, the membership body for charity communicators. Find out more about membership of CharityComms.

3. How do I sign my charity up?

Any registered charity or voluntary sector organisation can sign up to AskCharity for free. Just fill in the simple online sign up form to get started.

4. How can I change my organisation’s details on AskCharity, or add/remove contacts from my organisation’s page?

If you've signed in before and are using the same computer with cookies enabled you'll be able to go straight to your charity's page by choosing the 'Your charity's page' option on the left-hand menu. If you're not already signed in or you're not already a registered contact choose the 'edit charity' option on the homepage and we'll send you a verification email to sign yourself back in or register as a new contact.

5. Can I remove our charity from AskCharity?

If at any time you find your organisation no longer wishes to be listed on AskCharity please email and we'll remove your organisation's entry.

6. How do the journalist requests work?

When you sign up as a contact you can choose to receive ‘general’ requests, ‘category’ requests or both. Your categories (children, armed forces, environment etc) were selected when your organisation signed up to AskCharity but you can change these at any time, see point 4.

When a journalist sends a request out they can either send it to everyone who is opted-in to receive the ‘general’ requests, or they can send it to specific categories. You are then welcome to respond to the journalist directly if you think you can help.

7. Does CharityComms check journalist requests before they go out?

No, all requests go out instantly without being monitored beforehand. Often journalists have tight deadlines which means requests need to go out quickly. We do look at all requests after they have gone out and will contact the media professional concerned if we feel the service is being abused. Instances of abuse are very rare. We also monitor the media sign ups.

8. I want to complain about a request I received

If you feel a request abuses the service, please email and we will look into it.

9. My question wasn’t answered here or I want to speak to someone about AskCharity!

You can email