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  1. The charity sector is a goldmine of case studies and eye witness accounts, which can illustrate, support and inspire your stories. The Answer Service is designed to help you contact charities in a quick and easy way
  2. Charities are often on the front line: delivering public services, researching medical problems, providing aid and helping the people in your stories. So why not get their expert opinions, eye witness accounts or interview their spokespeople?
  3. Do you always go to the same contacts for your stories? Use AskCharity to widen your pool of contacts
  4. If you need information fast then search our online contacts book of thousands of charity PR contacts, including their out-of-hours numbers

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Terms and conditions

  1. All those who register for and use AskCharity must be bona fide media professionals; ie they must work as a journalist/broadcaster or researcher for a media organisation or work freelance for a media organisation in any of these roles. If you’re writing for a blog then please get in touch before signing up.
  2. Information on this database must not be passed on to third parties outside the media and voluntary sectors.
  3. Use of the Answer Service must be judicious. AskCharity staff reserve the right to bar usage by any person they deem to be using the site in an unacceptable manner.
  4. AskCharity takes no responsibility for the veracity of information on this site, though the charities concerned will be encouraged to keep their details up to date.
  5. AskCharity must not be used for any marketing or selling purpose whatsoever. It is for research use by the media.
  6. Media professionals must not use the Answer Service to ask for competition prizes.
  7. Use of charity professionals’ mobile phone numbers must be judicious. Any media professional who, in the view of AskCharity staff, phones mobile numbers in inappropriate circumstances will be liable to be barred from future use of the service.
  8. By signing up as an AskCharity media contact you agree to the possibility of being contacted in future by CharityComms.
  9. We promise not to share your information with any external organisations or commercial companies.
  10. Many charities will have policies on whether they allow journalists to pay their case studies. CharityComms supports the idea that individuals featured in stories should be paid out-of-pocket expenses and in some cases receive payments for their time. However, this shouldn’t be at a rate that would make them take part in a story just for the money. We recommend this is judged on a case by case basis.