AskCharity resources

We've picked out articles that offer tips for getting more media coverage for your charity and advice on making the most of AskCharity.

There’s lots more information on PR and media relations, as well as all sorts of other topics, available on our Knowledge Hub and we're collating resources for charity communicators during Covid-19.

Get your charity's voice heard

A guide to why and how charities should use AskCharity

How the media works: from journalist request to printed copy

An example of how an AskCharity request made it into the press, getting media coverage for two charities.

The essential media toolkit

Some advice on how to build your media toolkit so that you’re ready to respond to requests quickly and effectively.

Creating and managing a case study library

Five top tips for setting up your case study library.

Why the press release continues to stand the test of time

A 2014 survey found that the majority of journalists still prefer to receive traditional press releases over rich media releases. Here’s some advice to give your press release the best chance of being noticed.

Collaboration between charities and journalists

The view from a journalist on how best to work with the press and how charities can make the most of the media.

Building relationships with the media

An article with various ways to get closer to the media outside of AskCharity.

Charity media relations: a journalist’s perspective

An interview on what journalists want from charity PRs and some tips on how to maximise your chances of getting coverage.